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    Current Specials

    Locomobile – five-passenger touring, exquisite!
    BMW M1 – one owner, 100% original, low mileage and documented
    CadillacV16 roadster, perfection!
    Jaguar XKE – Vintage race car with plenty of history and documentation
    300SL Gullwing steel, incudes Rudge wheels, luggage, tools, documents & more.
    Mercedes – 3000SL Roadster, perfect example from private European collection
    Porsche – 906 over 40+ International races through 1972 + current vintage racing history


    BMW 507 Series II – rare and recently restored to the highest standars
    Cadillac – among the rarest a highly restored Cadillac Brougham in original its color, with actual original trim, and full vanities
    Ford GT40 – Details coming soon!
    Jaguarpristine early Series 1 flat floor, welded louver, outside latch example
    Jaguarconcourse Series 1 metal-dash example with significant history from new
    Lincoln – 1934 CCCA show-treasure, built for an elite New York Societal and commerce family

    Mercedes 280SE – beautiful 3.5L cabrolet



    Singular in significance, unmatched 8V Zigatto”DoubleBubble” Berlietta
    Flat floot with side latches - Jaguar XKE
    • Just finished to perfection – Mercedes 320 Cab A roadster
    • Magnificent
    Mercedes 540k Cab A roadster
    Choose between two uber-restored alloy Gullwings; or choose both! - Select the remaing example before it is spoken for.
    Completing restoration, a Porsche 904/8 – one of history’s consummate racing machines
    Consider an exceptional Porsche 917 Spyder

Auburn Speedster


    Alfa Romeo T33 Stradale – one of eighteen units, with added historical significance.
    • Porsche 914/6 GT – a true factory unit; unraced, undamaged, unmolested


The Bay City Motor Company is delighted to present the above uber-select entries for your consideration.   Each is among the most tantalizing, rare, unique, and historically significant motorcars ever built.

Those are big claims to confidentially and thoroughly discuss one-on-one with discerning collectors.  Our services are designed to protect the owner, their investments, and the needs of future ownership.  Our goal is absolute satisfaction for all involved.

Each selection is market-priced.  While “firmly” priced experience proves that seller-buyer chemistry and synergistic ambitions greatly influence negotiations and ultimate valuations.  Let right-selection – not published price – be your guide.

The owner of each car listed above has carefully chosen a fair and balanced private sale over auction glory.  Our charge is to make that happen to everyone’s benefit.  In support of that objective each owner is available when appropriate to qualified prospective buyers for discuss intimate details only they know along with their ownership stories – just the right seasoning to make each selection most succulent.

Want to know more or have another tantalizing treat you are looking for?

Contact us, we look forward to taking your order.




Packard 300SL

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